MICA CR-C5 and CR-C3 charger racks bring a new concept to the users of MICA lamps. The charger racks are made of durable aluminium and incorporate an integral power supply from 100–240VAC mains voltage to the 12VDC voltage of the rack supply rail.

Only a screwdriver is needed for installation of these easy-to-use charger racks. One end of the charger rack has a mains outlet for easy chaining of several charger racks in a single installation.

MICA CR-C5/C3 charger racks include a ready-mounted set of chargers for 5/3 MICA lamps or MICA HB-batteries. You only have to mount the charger rack on the wall, plug the cord to mains outlet and insert your lamps or batteries in the rack. MICA® CR-C5/C3 features battery overcharge protection for easy stand-by storage of lamps/batteries on the rack.

Installing CR charger racks to alternative supplies (e.g. vehicles): MICA CR-C5/C3 charger racks are also available with an alternative supply voltage option allowing charger racks to be mounted in, e.g., a fire truck, so that the rack can be supplied primarily from the 100–240VAC mains and, secondarily, from the vehicles 12VDC or 24VDC battery voltage. These charger racks feature an internal switch that normally keeps the rack supplied from the 100–240VAC mains while, if the mains is not available, automatically connects the rack to the vehicles 12VDC or 24VDC battery voltage. The dual input voltage versions of the charger racks are named MICA CR-C3 VAC/VDC and MICA CR-C5 VAC/VDC.

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