Keep it clean! SLAM® Protector and SLAM® Films

ATEXOR introduces the new SLAM® Protector for SLAM® Hornets and Tubes. The Protector covers end caps and Ex-sockets, ensuring they remain free of splashes and debris. Keeping your Ex-certified SLAM® lights clean keeps your workers’ safe and your equipment working at full capacity. With genuine SLAM® Protectors, you can be certain your ATEX & IECEx certification remains valid.



Made of antistatic rubber, the SLAM® Protectors are easy to install and remove. Genuine SLAM® Protectors and SLAM® Protective film are developed and tested to the same standards as all® SLAM products. 


Sometimes, there’s no time to be gentle. Getting the job done quickly and effectively is paramount, but so is having your equipment ready for the next project. Use a 1-2-combo of SLAM® Protector and SLAM® Films to ensure your work lights stay fit for the next challenge.


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15.12.2016 - 08:40